The server is running debain and the web server programs and MySQL are running fine. The problem I am having is that I can not connect to the server apart from using SSH so I can’t update my website or let over people join my server. I have installed ProFTPD for the FTP server that is working but what I do need to sort out is vertural users. These are FTP only users that aren’t on the main system but at the moment I have access to my home directory and that is it. Once it is sorted I will be abled to connect to my server and upload sites and allow my hostees to upload stuff too.

Something else I am having troubles with is Samba. This is the program that allows other computers to connect to it over a network to access files or folders. At the moment I have fixed it so Finder on my laptop doesn’t crash when I try to connect to the server. To do this I had to install the latest version of Samba myself instead of using apt-get. Once I have gotten Samba to work I will update my site and when FTP is working and tested I will start to offer it to my hostees

I will keep you updated with developments. This is why I have made the WordPress blog that I was testing out the homepage for instead of the PHP information page.