Linux Computers in the UK

I have been looking at the idea of selling Linux Computers and the best idea I have had is to build them myself. I’d like to know if there is a demand for Linux Computers before I start to build them. To do this I want people who are interested in Linux computers to leave a comment at the bottom of either this post of the orginal post here. You can also email me on shop [at]

An idea of the spec I have been looking at. This is just a plan spec, it is not finial in any way.
CPU: Athlon 64 LE-1600 (64 bit)
HDD: 160GB Seagate SATAII
RAM: 1GB DDR2 (1x1024MB)
Drive: LG DVD-RW
OS: Linux 64bit

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  1. As I say, This is just a planned spec. I currently sell 32bit Linux too so I can offer / install that on the computers instead of 64bit. I’d probably offer the choice between 32bit and 64bit versions of Linux.

  2. Brian is right, seriously, don’t use an AMD64 chip there are still issues with lots of 64bit builds of popular linux software, I moved back to a quad core intel for that very reason.

  3. I suspect the population Linux-literate enough to want it but not enough to want it pre-installed may be small.

  4. do linux desktops and laptops. From the website it looks like a pretty big operation but it’s actually run by one guy, Dale Jefferson. If you look here pc

    and scroll down to dalejefferson’s post you can see that most of the business goes to dell these days. On the next page he goes on to say –

    “Its a real shame that theres not more money to be made selling Ubuntu PC’s in the UK!”

    Make of that what you will, but it seems like dell have got the linux pc market pretty much sewn up. That doesn’t mean “Don’t do it” just don’t expect to make much money off it 🙁

    Good Luck!


  5. From what I have heard so far it looks like a good idea if I offer a choice of Linux (currently CentOS 5, Fedora 7 & 8 and Debian 4R1) in 32bit or 64bit but also the choice to not have an OS installed at all. I could also offer a choice of Windows OS but would be counter productive for a Linux Computer.

  6. The majority of users wont want Linux, and the majority of Linux users would know how to build a PC.

    Saying that, seeing as your not a legit business, and seeing how you can just order the parts when someone makes an order, theres no way you could fail.

    Its a small market, but if you can get your site listed somewhere, it might bring in a couple of hundred a month.

  7. Oh and don’t use AMD (not because there bad, but because everyone thinks Intel is the be all and end all), and use have a selection of 32bit and 64bit Linux. The majority will probably want Ubuntu, some might like to try BSL when its ready :).

  8. A thought I have just had is about suppling a keyboard and mouse with a computer. Sometimes when people buy computers they already have a keyboard and mouse that they want to keep using but sometimes they don’t have or want a new one. Might be an idea as a add on option or something they can order separately but sent together.

  9. I may be looking for a Linux computer. At the moment I use XP but am fed up with it. Used to have an Amiga which was great.

    I have been trying various discos Ubunto 7.1, PCLinux, Sabayon 3.4E and Mandriva seem best.

    AMD are great chips. Would you include all necessary drivers for video, flashdrives etc., photography and dv cameras.

    What sort of price structure were you thinking of?

  10. Hey Blake.
    It would come with all the drivers offered by the distribution with the latest graphics card drivers installed if possible. If you know that there are linux drivers for the cameras, flash drives etc that you use then they should be supported by default. If not they could probably be installed after the OS has been.

    The estimated cost for the computer above would be between £220 and £250 depending on how much it costs for postage of the parts and how long it take me to build it. There was no plan for a keyboard or mouse to be included with the computer but it is possible to add that onto the package.

    If you are seriously interested I will build a prototype that if all goes well will be available to buy. This will also allow me to find out how long it will take to get the system and build it. Currently I only have permission for Fedora, Debian and Cent OS but I can see about getting permission for more distributions if you’d like.

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