Making it home

This wordpress system has been online for just over a week now and I am starting to make it home. I’m sorting out pages and the content to go in them one by one. I’ll just keep reworking the text until I’m happy with it. Instead of having a just a site for news letting you know how the server is going and about down time, that since the Cron stuff the server has been online nearly all the time. The pages are about hosting as that is one of my goals yet to be achieved and my portfolio. The other goals where central file sortage and printing hub that I have manged to achieve this week. I have changed the look of the site to the K2 theme with it’s clean ans shape lines similar to my own personal site. One way you can tell if I am making a system for the masses more “homely” is when I go and edit the code. It’s a small change and I think many wouldn’t notice the difference but I have added a favicon to the site. This is the little “JB” in a blue square next to the URL or title if you are using tabs. I may make more changes to the server as I go along or find modifications that I like, we shell see.