Cosmo version 9 and Server

I managed to get Cosmo version 9 online at midnight but there was a problem with IE6. Thankfully it was only IE6 and it was fixed within half an hour after I woken up and had breakfast. The site is controlled by one single PHP page that calls in the content and updates the blog each month automatically. It has in place functions that make the site more secure such as checking that the page trying to be loaded is a real page and not an off site link or an incorrect date.

The server that hosts all my websites is now running my own home brewed Linux OS called Blue Square Linux. The server has also had an extra 500GB fitted via a RAID SATA controller. It was a little bit of a problem at first because the kernel was custom compiled a long time ago without support for SATA.

Cosmo v9 –
Blue Square Linux –

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