vSphere Client on Windows 7

For the last few days I’ve been trying to install vSphere Client to manage a ESXi 4.0 server but it kept failing when it got to .Net J# on the installed. So I went online and downloaded the newest version I could, Update 1, which also failed. By this point I was getting rather annoyed as my work laptop is Windows 7, But as I was at home with a Windows XP desktop I’d thought I’d give it a go on that knowing that it will install.

It installed without a hitch on Windows XP. I navigated my way to the installation directory and copied it over the network to my latop. Annoying vSphere Client started straight away which leads me to believe that the installer is the fault and not the installed software.

To recap:
1. Install vSphere Client on non Windows 7 computer
2. Copy installation directory onto Windows 7 computer
3. Get on with the work you’ve been trying to do with VMware Go all this time.


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