New system

I have been having lots of problem with my server. It would crash or not connect to the network or something would go wrong making me have to go and fix it so yesterday it took it’s last straw. I replaced the OS with Debian Linux. This OS is much more stable because it does not have a desktop install, meaning that everything you do is command line making it a proper server. To add to this I took away it’s graphics and sound card leaving just the network card installed. I have come across teething troubles that is more than likely to have been caused by me mucking something up while trying to get something else to work. As a result of this I have had to make the changes by hand instead of letting the installer sort things out for me. The server is almost like it was before in the terms that the homepage and 3 of the sites hosted on it are working. All I have left to do is sort out the SSL (https) and the FTP vertural hosts. A new problem I found was that we had a powercut this morning which changed the IP address for all the computers on the network but this was easy to fix cos all I had to do was change the computer the network forwarded stuff to.